• 1978

    YIHE Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1978.
    "Predecessor of YIH JENQ Textile."

  • 1980 ~ today

    YIHE changed its name to YIH JENQ and expanded factory.
    "No.7, Beiming Road."
    Purchased thirty high-speed ribbon looms to produce elastic ribbon and mattress webbing.

  • 1981

    Purchased sixty traditional shuttle looms.

  • 1992 ~ today

    The looms were replaced with forty-eight rapier looms.

  • 2017 ~ today

    Purchased six Sulzer Rüti Rapier Looms.

  • 2001 ~ today

    The second factory of YIH JENQ was expanded in 2001.
    "NO.15, Beiming Road."
    Purchased two-huenred high-speed ribbon looms to produce various types of ribbons.