The representative color of 2024 is "Peach Fuzz"! What does this color mean? Why does it represent ?

Expressing our desire to care for ourselves and others, PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz is a soft, gentle peach hue that enriches the body, mind, and soul with an inclusive spirit.


Since 2000, PANTONE, the global color authority, has selected a color every year to represent the current spirit of the times and promote it to sweep across all walks of life and become popular around the world. War, death of celebrities, artificial intelligence, 2023 is a year full of uncertainty. We are tense and care more about ourselves.

Color has become a mirror of emotions. Dopamine is popular in spring and summer, and Maillard is popular in autumn and winter. The 2024 representative color of the year has also been given a similar mission by PANTONE: "I am angry, what can make me calm down?" The finally selected "Soft Peach" is a gentle peach color, as light as a dandelion. When you see it, you might think of peaches, feathers, satin, blankets, blush, or even the color of the sky at sunrise or sunset.


The 25th anniversary of the Color of the Year program, PANTONE uses color to influence the world. For PANTONE, the 2024 Color of the Year has a different meaning. The announcement of Soft Peach marks the 25th anniversary of the series.

Every year, they send a team of 10 people to spend a whole year traveling around the world to observe, looking for color inspiration from different cultural perspectives such as food, cars, clothing, household items, ribbon, webbing etc. Using a certain color to capture the spirit of the times, and even hoping to use it to influence product design and consumer aesthetics, is not a small ambition, and it will certainly not make everyone pay. But PANTONE has kept at it for more than 20 years, capturing a certain subtle collective mood in an atmosphere of chaos and anxiety that is arguably its comfort zone.

The bright “coral orange” in 2019 represents concern and vigilance about climate change, and also makes people feel warm, secure and intimate during the changes, just like coral reefs nurture marine life.

The refreshing “greenery” of 2017 echoes the green plants in daily life, bringing hope to people in a turbulent social and political environment.

In addition to the newly announced 2024 color of the year, PANTONE also released the 2024 spring and summer fashion color trend report in September this year, focusing on the popular colors at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. It has to be said that PANTONE has some talent in naming: national treasure tea red, tangerine orange, celery green, desert flower pink, chambray blue, lilac pink purple, marlin blue, lemon candy yellow, mint green, capri blue ...Although there are more choices, the core remains the same as soft peach: "The desire for personal self-expression has become the core of fashion."


In 1965, the first PANTONE color matching system designed for art materials was released. Later, PANTONE added color matching systems for pigments, plastics, powder coatings, screen technology, and textiles,ribbon, webbing establishing the most universal color language.

Color circulates among human designers in the form of unified color numbers, but in nature, it is heard by the ears as sounds and seen by the eyes as colors. Color itself is a communication tool that transcends gender, generations and regions.


The color agency represented by PANTONE has given more and more concepts to color, elevating it to the height of spiritual needs, but for most people, sometimes it is just the first impression.

PANTONE's first Color of the Year was Cerulean Blue in 2000. The color of the sky on a crystal-clear day echoes the hopes of millennials for the future.

In an era when technology is truly booming, aesthetics are regressing towards retro. If 2000 was about embracing the unknown, 2024 is about quietly caring inwardly. Our emotions need something gentle to hold them, and this may be the meaning of soft peach.

Source: Digital Age / PANTONE official website
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