Ribbon Series

It is common to see satin ribbons in our life. It often appears when giving gift. Gift box with ribbon makes the gift more elegant and ribbon with some patterns and words also brings different styles.

In addition, we can change the color and size of ribbon depend on the need of customers. We also accept samples to customize the most special ribbon for customers. You are sincerely welcome to develop any kind of ribbon with us.

It can be applied to Christmas, Easter Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday party, Wedding and other festivals. Single-Face Ribbon are perfectly suitable for gift box, flowers, bags and other daily decoration.

Single Face Ribbon

"Single-Face Ribbon" has two different sides, one side is smooth and another side is rough.
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Double Face Ribbon

"Double-Face Ribbon" has two smooth sides.
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Organza Ribbon

Organza Ribbon is also called Sheer Ribbon. It is 100% made of NYLON yarn. It is thin, flexible, bright, and breathable.
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Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon has horizontal stripe on its surface. It is also called ribbed ribbon, the texture of Grosgrain Ribbon is harder than other ribbons.
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Nylon Ribbon

Nylon Ribbon has bright and dazzling surface. The texture of Nylon Ribbon is harder than other ribbons. It is high-class ribbon.
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Gold and Silver Edge

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