Ribbon Factory


Warping Machine

The Warping Machine is suitable for any kind of yarn. Warping can be worked on one beam at one time. This machine attaches an electronic equipment to guarantee that the tension of yarns would be the same from the beginning to the end of warping operation. Besides, this machine also equips the movable reed which can be easily adjusted according to the density of yarns. With the automatic detection device, the Warping Machine will stop when it encounters the disconnection of yarns.

High Speed Needle Loom

As the name suggests, High Speed Needle Loom, has a stable structure, fast operation, stable output, outstanding product quality. Moreover, the width of ribbon from 1/8” (3mm) to 4” (100mm) is able to produce according to customer’s demand.

Ribbon Rolling Machine

The rolling machine is applicable for any kind of ribbon, the speed of rolling can be adjusted by the requirement. The length of ribbon can be increased or decreased on each rolling operation according to customer's demand. The rolling machine will stop automatically when it reaches the required length.

Finishing Machine

The Finishing Machine can process and heat ribbon with the way of heat-setting to make the surface of ribbon become smoother and flatter.