Super easy to use and a must-have. Taiwan e-commerce 2024 festival marketing calendar. Key notes on seasonal ribbons.

In e-commerce festival marketing in 2024, the visual effect of packaging ribbons plays an extremely important role. It is not only a decorative ribbon for products, but also the key to attracting consumers' attention.
Therefore, choosing a unique and eye-catching ribbon packaging has become the best tool for merchants in this marketing frenzy.

January - New Year's Day, New Year's Day, Winter Vacation (Blue Dragon Blue #B8D8FF) (Soft Peach #FFBE98)

The 2024 Lunar New Year falls in early February, and many people will start looking for souvenirs to visit relatives during the New Year or prepare for a trip during the long New Year holiday from late January, so don’t miss this important period!

Important holidays in January 2024:

  • New Year's Eve: 12/30 - 1/1
  • Academic test: 1/20-1/22

Holiday Marketing and Ribbon Packaging Highlights for January 2024:

Hot items Gift boxes (coffee, tea, biscuits), warm clothing, red-related clothing, home department stores, accommodation, air tickets, bus tickets, travel supplies, video game consoles, video game peripherals
Hot search keywords New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve, video games, 3C, academic tests, test luck, and seeking visas

February - Chinese New Year shopping spree, Western Valentine's Day, back-to-school season (Carmine #F0454D) (Yuanbao Gold #FFEF5A)

Important holidays in February 2024:

  • Lunar New Year: 2/8 New Year’s Eve – 2/14
  • Western Valentine’s Day: 2/14
  • Starting day of school: 2/16

February 2024 Festive Ribbon Marketing Highlights:

Hot items New Year dishes, New Year goods, health food, cleaning products, board games, playing cards, Spring Festival couplets, lucky bags, wealth-seeking supplies, bouquets, desserts, chocolates, beauty and skin care products, travel itineraries, hotel accommodations, stationery, sports shoes, clothes
Hot search keywords Lunar New Year, Year of the Dragon, New Year's Eve, New Year's Goods, New Year's Street, Homecoming, Year-End, New Year's Eve, Spring Wine, Tourism, Start of Work, Red Packets, Good Luck, Lucky Fortune, Valentine's Day, Winter Vacation, 228 consecutive holidays, Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival, Skiing

March - Spring Wine, Women’s Day (Queen’s Day), White Day (Violet #C084D9) (Tung Flower White #F7FFE4)

Important holidays in March 2024:

  • Women's Day: 3/8
  • White Day: 3/14

E-commerce marketing priorities in March 2024:

Hot items Books, bouquets, desserts, chocolates, beauty and skin care products, fragrances, beauty machines, massage chairs, skin care treatments, air purifiers, travel itineraries, hotel accommodations, stationery, sneakers, clothes
Hot search keywords Season change, seasonal maintenance, White Day, Japanese cherry blossom viewing, Korean cherry blossom viewing, flower viewing, calla lily season

April - Cherry Blossom Season, Easter (Lime Green#F5F7CE) (Sakura Pink#ED6E98)

Important holidays in April 2024:

  • Tomb Sweeping Day holiday: 4/4 - 4/7
  • Easter: 4/9
  • Earth Day: 4/22

E-commerce marketing priorities in April 2024:

Hot items Fresh fruits, sacrificial supplies, snacks, candies, toys, game consoles, travel itineraries, hotel accommodations, environmentally friendly supplies
Hot search keywords Children's Day, Spring Break, Easter, Easter Eggs, Department Store Mother's Day, Mother's Day Offers, Cherry Blossom Season

May - Mother's Day, Dragon Boat Festival (Pink and Purple #DDCCE0) (Sakura Pink #ED6E98)

Important holidays in May 2024:

  • Labor Day: 5/1
  • Mother's Day: 5/11 (second Sunday in May)

E-commerce marketing focus in May 2024:

Hot items Maternity and baby products, bouquets, cakes, beauty care, jewelry, perfume, fragrance, health food, massage chairs, home appliances, kitchen utensils, meal vouchers, SPA, accommodation
Hot search keywords Mother's Day, Mother's Day restaurants, tax filing, saving money, petty bourgeoisie

June - graduation season, 618 Shopping Festival, mid-year shopping celebration (dawn color #FBEAD4) (Zongye green #BBBC8E)

Important holidays in June 2024:

  • Mid-year celebration: 6/18
  • Dragon Boat Festival consecutive holidays: 6/8 - 6/10

E-commerce marketing priorities in June 2024:

Hot items 3C, computer peripherals, beauty care, job-hunting clothing, Dragon Boat Festival gift boxes, rice dumplings, sun protection, graduation bouquets, bachelor's uniform rental, graduation photo frames
Hot search keywords AI, technology, computer show, mango season, Dragon Boat Festival, 618, graduation season, summer internship, job search for freshers, Golden Melody Awards

July - Summer Vacation (Afterglow Orange#FE8F75) (Light Sand Color#E8D1B3)

Important holidays in July 2024:

  • World Chocolate Day: 7/7

E-commerce marketing priorities in July 2024:

Hot items Chocolate, sunscreen, swimwear, bikini, ice cream, travel, hotel accommodation, meal vouchers, camping equipment, fans, waterproof cosmetics, movie vouchers, game consoles
Hot search keywords Summer vacation, summer camp, summer courses, travel, Gongliao Ocean Music Season, Yilan Children's Play Festival, Comic Expo, Taipei Film Festival, surfing, water play, sun protection, beach, Amazon Prime Day

August - Father's Day, Chinese Valentine's Day, Back to School Season (Brick Red #DB5C3C) (Day Flower Yellow #E0A824)

Important holidays in August 2024:

  • Father's Day: 8/8
  • Chinese Valentine's Day: 8/10
  • Ghost Festival: 8/18

E-commerce marketing focus in August 2024:

Hot items Massage chairs, razors, electric toothbrushes, 3C, computers, mobile phones, men's clothing, wallets, belts, fresh fruits, farewell supplies, bouquets, Valentine's Day packages, dessert chocolates, pet supplies
Hot search keywords Father's Day, summer vacation, Ghost Festival, ghost gate opening, ghost gate closing, ghost month taboos, Chinese Valentine's Day, back-to-school supplies

September - Back-to-school season, Mid-Autumn Festival, 99 Shopping Festival (Light Gray Blue #307DB9) (Twilight Gray Blue #185368)

Important holidays in September 2024:

  • Mid-Autumn Festival: 9/17
  • Teacher's Day: 9/28

E-commerce marketing priorities in September 2024:

Hot items Coffee, tea, souvenirs, moon cakes, egg yolk cakes, barbecue supplies, meal coupons, grapefruit, bundan, autumn crab, back-to-school clothing, accommodation supplies
Hot search keywords 99 Shopping Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Teachers’ Day, Barbecue, Season Change

October - National Day, Halloween, Anniversary (Indigo #0D3ED6) (Pumpkin Orange #F28A00)

Important holidays in October 2024:

  • National Day: 10/10
  • Halloween: 10/31
  • Department store anniversary: ​​after mid-October

E-commerce marketing focus in October 2024:

Hot items Travel itinerary, hotel accommodation, meal vouchers, Halloween decorations, candies, chocolates, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, beauty care
Hot search keywords Double Ten holiday, Halloween, anniversary, information month

November - Double Eleven, Black Friday, Thanksgiving (Bronze Gold#DAB13C) (Qiaoye Brown#917347)

The highlight of November is still Double Eleven. You can choose to use this period to sprint, or you can choose to work in reverse like Green Vine to bring positive buzz and brand recognition to the brand. In addition, although Taiwanese people rarely celebrate Thanksgiving, fresh food stores can still use this month to specialize in some Thanksgiving meals and create a sense of ritual.

Important holidays in November 2024:

  • Double 11: 11/11
  • Thanksgiving: 11/28 (the fourth Thursday in November)
  • Black Friday: 11/29 (the Friday after Thanksgiving)

E-commerce marketing priorities in November 2024:

Hot items All goods
Hot search keywords Double 11, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, travel exhibition, maple viewing, Golden Horse Awards, skiing

December - Double 12, Christmas, year-end sales (dark green #305232) (Christmas red #D60000)

End the year in a festive mood. Create your Christmas promotion. In Taiwan, Christmas has always been very popular among young people. Products with Christmas atmosphere such as white, gold, red, and green always attract attention during this month. In line with the brand's tone, you can choose to launch Christmas co-branded products, hold year-end sales to clear inventory, etc., which are all good sales strategies.

Important holidays in December 2024:

  • Double 12: 12/12
  • Winter Solstice: 12/21
  • Christmas: 12/25

E-commerce marketing priorities in December 2024:

Hot items All goods
Hot search keywords Double 12, Christmas, gift exchange, New Year's Eve, mulled wine, Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, Christmas market, hot springs

In festive marketing in 2024, the visual impact of packaging plays a vital role in attracting customers. Exquisite ribbons are one of the best annual sales tools for brands and e-commerce owners. Yizheng Textile will provide you with the most attractive satin ribbon and webbing styles to help you stand out in festival marketing, please contact us.

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